I’ve always been told that I think too much. Perhaps, its true but that helps me get to the root of many issues and find the actual reasons for it, sometimes solutions too(i said, sometimes)and the reasons might not hold true for others but it at least convinces me to get to a conclusion. I have penned this particular article on one of the vague thought route I had but  it had made sense to me. 

 The other day, I was watching another anonymous reality show, or should I say an ‘unrealistic reality’ show. Unrealistic, I said because most of the ‘reality’ shows are not ‘so real’ or I can point some out and say, ‘not real at all’. They are made for entertainment purpose of course. It is okay. It is totally okay, if people create ‘such’ shows for entertainment purpose and leave innocent hearts in a diplomatic situation. Such shows are produced more particularly in India; why, Because, India loves entertainment. India loves to entertain, as well as to be entertained. I think, Indians are always thirsty for entertainment. I am an Indian too and i am not trying to be offensive at all but if you think deeply about it, maybe you will get it. I say again, it is totally okay to watch shows for entertainment. What’s not really okay is to bring entertainment out of the television set and cast it in the real world. I am writing it because I have noticed that these days people are needy for entertainment to such an extent that the border line of ‘reelity’ and ‘reality’ is getting extinct. People are searching for dramatic situations everywhere and our citizens would love to hold a tub of virtual popcorn and enjoy the show, if in case they found one which they of course do, as media these days are keen to keep an eye over the lives of general citizens rather than many important and relevant issues in our country. For instance a civil argument in a neighbourhood might not be leading to some crime but if the onlookers didn’t find that interesting enough to sit and watch would then definitely want to spice up the clash by spreading a hoax that one hit another furiously and further create a story of how their ancestors had a serious rivalry and how one of their relatives ‘someone’ is a murderer or rapist and so on. Come on, how can we digest the fact that they were arguing for some reason so uninteresting like one didn’t pay the other person’s money back or there was some confusion created between them, isn’t it? 

It is not okay to judge a book by its cover. And it is certainly not okay at all to judge the former, declare it uninteresting and to change its cover in your own ways to make it look interesting, if you get what I mean. Social media is one of the most powerful weapons provided to our generation. Instead of using it for the right purpose we tend to degrade its importance by misusing it and this gives an opportunity to our parents and grandparents in particular to brand social media as useless. YEverything if exceeded turns into poison. I am afraid to say that there are many synonyms emerging for the name ‘entertainment’, vulgarity and harassment are some of those. I suggest our country needs to limit the thirst for entertainment and media could be a useful hand in it. Lastly, I’d like to request that ‘entertainment is provided for happiness. Please don’t seek entertainment in ruining others happiness.’



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