A kind of love

I dont  need to define LOVE.  Everyone  knows what it is. Everyone has experienced love in some or the other  way. But yes,  I’ll  have to say it’s the most beautiful  feeling in this world. A feeling you can actually  “die to live for” (literally).

Love is something that makes you do anything, reach any extent, i,  i cant even explain what it makes us do.  Us,  in the sense, we all,  who have been in love.   Not necessarily  the kind of “love” you might be assuming, as love can be shared by anyone.

Lately,  I’ve come across a special kind of love that at first,  i found totally weird  and unique, but then  i realised that there is nothing “unique” about it,  because when i thought  more about this particular  idea, i came to know that  everyone has experienced  this  kind of love in their lives.

Inayat,  is a girl i’ve known since we were in school. She is just like you and me, all she wanted was to love and to  be loved.  A year ago, it happened. She fell in love with Rohan, one of our classmate.  Inayat never used to share so much  about their lives with me as she liked to keep it personal but her life was an open book for anyone to read.  Everyone who knew her,  actually knew what she was facing in her life, at least i did.  

Inayat loved Rohan. I just couldnt add any further adjective to the last sentence because there is no word that can explain  her love for him (not being cheesy). Rohan loved inayat too,  but not as much as she did.  Trust me,  that girl deserved more love, care and time. Rohan,  i dont know if he was unaware  of her needs only gave half a quarter  of love that she deserved.  Inayat,  subconsciously knew  that she deserves more but how could she ask for it? So she created her own Imaginary world in her mind where Rohan  loved her endlessly.  She just convinced  herself that no matter  what he did,  he loved her very much.  She started giving excuses on his behalf  to herself for not recieving her calls and not calling back for a long time, not being attentive, not being  expressive enough, and so on.  She had basically  created a different version of Rohan inside her. Rohan On the other hand, was not aware of any of this. Assuming that she never gets hurt no matter what he does,  he started taking her more lightly.  One day,  i just couldn’t take this innocence of Inayat anymore so i asked her why she pretended that he loved her more than he actually  did. She said  “i know,  he doesn’t. But that doesn’t  make me love him any lesser.  I cant ask him to love me as much as i do,  because  i love him more than anything. So i will just assume that he loves me the same way,  till the day he actually  does.”

 “when will that day come?” 

She said,  ” it might never come.  But it still wont make me stop loving him.  Love cannot be controlled. I cannot pretend or hide my love.  And, if i do,  it will  do no good to any of us. I dont know if u are able to understand any of this,  but thats how this works.”

I couldn’t grasp any of this until weeks.  I dont know if ill be able to love someone  this  way. You can call it “stupidity” and “hieghts  of innocence” but i’ll call it “pure”.



2 thoughts on “A kind of love”

  1. Can’t wait for the next part!!!! Inayat and rohan ❤, I hope that day finally comes when rohan will start loving inayat the same way.


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